Getting the Best Results from your Cookware

Before First Use

Thank you for choosing Prestige! We are excited that you have chosen our reliable cookware.

  1. Before first use, remove all the labels and wash the cookware thoroughly. Use mild dishwashing detergent and warm water and make sure you dry the cookware thoroughly before storing or using. It is recommended that paper towel is placed between cookware which may assist in preventing scratches to the surfaces during storage.
  2. Remember to Register Your Product before you throw out the packaging so that you can record your barcode. All our cardboard packaging is made using 100% recycled paper, so please dispose of your packaging thoughtfully once your product is registered with us.
  3. Decide what delicious and nutritious dish you are going to cook with your new cookware and see how easy it is to cook healthy meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Need some more help?

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